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Mr. Gove
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Mr. Gove

If you haven’t read this story, Mr. Gove has ‘attacked’ a teacher for producing a lesson plan based on the Mr. Men books. I’m not going to pass judgement on the story itself other than to say how delighted I was to read it as it gave me the inspiration to write my own Mr. Men story featuring Mr. Gove.

I wish I could sound a bit more like Arthur Lowe but I hope you enjoy it!

Download the mp3:



This is the story of Mr. Gove. Mr. Gove lived in a little blue house on the edge of a little blue wood where everything was nice and quiet and blue. Now Mr. Gove was not a very happy fellow on the whole but there was one thing that made him very happy. That ‘thing’ was going to school.

Mr. Gove knew everything there was to know about schools. That is because he had once been to school himself. He knew exactly what the children needed to know and how they would learn it. He knew all about teachers and how they should teach and he knew that if everybody worked harder, then everybody would enjoy school just as much as he did when he once went there. One day Mr. Gove wrote a long list of all the things that the children should learn and he put it in his pocket before he went out the door.

This particular day when Mr. Gove got to school he saw things that made him very unhappy.

So when nobody was looking Mr. Gove came up with a quite brilliant plan. First, he changed the clocks in all the classrooms so that none of the teachers or children would realise that their days had gotten longer. Next, he changed all the textbooks in the classrooms so that the children knew all the facts that he knew they needed to know and in what order. Finally, Mr. Gove hid the books and games he didn’t like and swapped them for tests about sentences.

When he had finished, Mr. Gove felt very happy. The children would spend less time thinking of silly ideas when they should be learning facts and the teachers wouldn’t waste time teaching things that weren’t on his list. He knew that if everybody followed his plans then everybody would be very clever indeed. So the next time that you are planning on going to school, why not say a big thank you to Mr. Gove for making it a better place to be?