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Kipper & the Broken Ear
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Kipper & the Broken Ear

One of Keelan and I’s favourite places to visit is Exeter library. We first visited several months ago and, alongside the brilliant books, Keelan took a shine to the large statue of Kipper the Dog that was sat on the shelf. He was very gentle with him, stroked him and then we found some stories with him in to read. This became a bit of a routine on a Saturday so much so that the library became known as ‘Kipper’s library’.

One week, however, Kipper was not on the shelf. He wasn’t there the next week either….or the next. Eventually we asked about Kipper and were both sad to hear that his ear was broken and that they couldn’t fix him. They librarians were really kind and actually went and got him from the secret hospital where he’d been staying out back and showed us the poor chap. Keelan gave him a gentle stroke and said he’d be ok.

But he wasn’t ok. More weeks passed and still no Kipper.

So we decided to offer our help. Those of you who know me know that my DIY skills are actually about the same level as my 3 year old son but, maybe, just maybe our combined efforts could come through. 3 weeks before Christmas I thought it would make a nice wintry tale to have him back in the library for Christmas so we rescued him and brought him home.

And here’s what happened….









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  • Perdie and Isaac

    What a lovely story – we thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Am so glad the boys were so loving and made Kipper better so we can all visit him at the Library. Well done Keelan and Nate!

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